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April/May 2018 Roundup

Site Spotlight

Kansas City Public LIbrary’s Digital Media Lab has come a long way from their initial program design. They started off with mobile programs but have recently designed and built a new permanent home at the Southeast Branch in Kansas City. Check out the site spotlight for more info.

Discussion Topics

There were several interesting discussions during May and April and some great questions were asked. Desiree in Oregon is wondering if any other sites have issues with Magic the Gathering. If you have experienced issues or have any ideas, please share!

A couple of sites shared their summer plans. Got anything fun going on in you space this summer? Add your plans to thread.

Gabbie is doing some research on how teen services are structured in libraries around the country. A few sites chimed in with their org structures. Do you have a different structure than those listed? Add your org chart to help Gabbie with her research.

Podcast & Resources

A few great podcasts were posted recently. Sara Ryan interviewed Eric Reyes about putting together Chi Teen Lit Fest, a teen literary festival with a teen driven, YOUmedia spin and Gabbie Barnes shared about YOUmedia Hartford's process of expanding hours in order to serve 18-24 year olds.