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Getting started 

I'm new to the YOUmedia world. Where do I start? 


Favorite software, web tools, books, physical tools, and suppliers 

What should I use in my YOUmedia lab?


Hiring resources
Where can I find sample job descriptions for my site?

Where can I find information about hiring and managing temporary support?

Space Management/youth recruitment and registration materials
How can I find out more about how other sites manage day-to-day operations?

Badging, acknowledgement and certifications
I want to learn more about badging and other similar forms of acknowledgement. What are other sites doing that I can learn from?

Professional Development and Staff Communication
How can I work better within my organization or institution to solve problems of practice?
  • 30 minute consultancy protocol
  • #miniPD a framework for community members to use in making more informal and quick forms of engagement for their staff to learn about new equipment and ideas. Developed at the 2015 YOUmedia Resource Development Retreat by Julie, YOUmedia Chicago.
  • 1-page website for Teacher Professional Development Sessions - an easy option for pointing trainees to online library card applications and a set of inspirational or foundational research and videos.
  • Transferable Leadership: Supporting Professional Development, Mentorship, and Mobility for a YOUmedia Learning Lab Staff - written by Ryan Hill to support staff transitions.
Evaluation, Research and Data Collection
How are other sites doing evaluation and gathering data?